How to watch IPL Live Stream in PC

How to Play IPL Live Stream (.m3u8) File in Windows Google Chrome

If you want to Use Live stream Links in your windows there is one option. You can use below trick to Open .m3u8 Files or Live streaming files directly yo Your PC or Laptop. You can’t Open these files in VLC player so here is a Chrome Extension which can be used for Playing m3u8 files.

How to Play .m3U8 files in Google Chrome –

If you are on Mobile device, You can simply use Mobile Chrome app to run and if You are on desktop Chrome Download Play HLS m3u8 Player extension from here 

1. Click on the Link & Open the Extension.

2. Install the Extension in Chrome
3. Now open m3u8 Files directly in Your Chrome

Today IPL Match links

Match Link

Hindi HD



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